Ground Coffee | 12oz

An intense chocolatey aroma and a smooth and earthy richness are inside every bag. 

Made in small batches. 


Central America is a tropical enchantment of beautiful mountains, rivers, freshwater leaks and lagoons, making the soil one of the most fertile in the world.

Many regions have perennial spring-like weather where coffee plantations are nurtured and the best coffee beans are harvested.

Segovia Coffee Co! Single-Origin, gourmet coffee from Nicaragua. For Canadian coffee lovers.

A world of flavour.

100% shade-grown Arabica. Single-origin from Nicaragua. Handcrafted in Ontario.

Coffee cultivation began in the ninth century, and since then, the most delicate varieties of coffee are naturally intolerant to direct sunlight.

Try it naked without milk!

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to your table

SEGOVIA Coffee Co.

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Roasted Whole Beans | 5lb

​Doesn't get better than this. Enjoy a freshly ground roast for any occasion.

Weddings or Cafés, contact us for special rates.

Have your own roaster?
For a more exotic experience, we can provide you with green coffee beans!



Roasted by hand, with pride
​and care and love

We roast in Canada in small batches, to assure the highest quality and freshness.


​Segovia Coffee Co. brings the highest quality coffee to North America.

Our Products

Segovia Coffee Co! Single-Origin, gourmet coffee from Nicaragua. For Canadian coffee lovers.

We source our coffee with partners that provide a positive social impact to the communities in Central America.
We focus on our relationship with coffee lovers that demand a great taste and great aroma. With our coffee, you can feel the difference. We delicately hand roast the beans in small batches to guarantee the best quality and freshness for your enjoyment.

Roasted Whole Beans | 12oz

A perfectly balanced roast with mild acidity. Unravel the rich notes of cocoa and subtle hints of clove.

Take your time and enjoy.

Whole Bean Espresso Blend | 12oz

NEW! Prepare yourself for an extended tasting session. Luxuriously creamy, with a kiss of foamy crema and a lingering aftertaste. Bring the adventure home!

Perfect for specialty drinks.

We're Proud of our Roots

We're directly affiliated with the largest and most successful coffee mill in Nicaragua. Our growers are located in the northern region of the country in the Segovia-Matagalpa corridor.

Volcanic mountains, freshwater lakes, and waterfalls surround and nurture the best quality coffee beans.

100% Arabica Beans

We are directly involved with our coffee growers and we value our partnerships. We don't manage from afar, we pride ourselves on visiting the plantations and coffee mill regularly.